Sunday, October 27, 2013

Munich, Berlin and Copenhagen... oh my!

My most recent trip was a very special one because a very dear and old friend flew thousands of miles to come and visit me!  I have known Megan Eberhard since we were little munchkins spending way too much time rolling around in the dirt together.  A very large chunk of my childhood was spent living at Megan's house, swimming in her pool, riding horses around her neighborhood and having sleepover parties in her horse barn! 

Megan had a one week break between quarters of her MBA program @ Vanderbilt.  So we planned a quick but action packed trip to explore Munich, Berlin and Copenhagen.   We walked everywhere, ate more German cuisine than one should ever consume, stayed in fun hostels and met lots of new international friends. 

Here are some the pictures from our adventure! 

The night train.... this is how the trip started.  I took the night train from Vejle (where I am
 living in Denmark) to Munich.  Was a very long and sleepless night since 
I shared this very tiny room with 3 very drunk German guys. 


  Megan and I @ Oktoberfest!

 It really is like a GIANT state fair!  Except with more beer and less fat people.

Our new Romanian and German friends!

We took a very moving and informative tour of the Dachau concentration camp.   This sculpture represents the different people who were imprisoned here.  

Entrance to the Dachau concentration camp.  Means "work sets you free".


Wonderful walking tour all around Berlin!  Best part was that Megan had this same 
tour guide 6 years ago!  His name was Barnaby and he was wonderful!

Standing across from the museum island.

Hovering over both sides of the Berlin wall

Holocaust war memorial

Brandenburg gate

It was beneath this car lot where Hitler committed suicide.  

Pieces of Berlin wall

Meg @ Checkpoint Charlie

Imitating the green walking man

Beautiful fall colors

Crazy TV tower in Berlin

 First night in Copenhagen!  Scott's coworker Anna (Spanish girl who is married to an Icelandic man and living in Copenhagen) took Megan and I out to dinner @ Wagamama. 
 Cruising around the 5 Lakes
Very lucky to have beautiful weather in Copenhagen!

 Visited the Viking exhibit and the Danish history exhibit @ the National Museum.

Megan's friend Damien (French guy married to a Danish girl- tall blonde) took us out to a fancy dinner and then we met his wife Charlotte for drinks @ a fun bar after.


Aboard the canal tour

Gift from Maersk to the city of Copenhagen, a brand new opera house. 

The little mermaid.  

Beautiful fall colors on our canal tour

Picture on left: Megan showing off jewelry in Top Shop.  Picture on right: jewelry featured in the Viking exhibit.  Man, fashion really does repeat itself!

Night before Megan left we were joined for dinner by Anna and Scott. 

Met up with Scott's friend Emanuel to watch the Denmark- Italy football game.  Sadly, Denmark lost and will not be competing in the World Cup : (

Cruising around the streets of Copenhagen with Scott.

Cool church with winding tower. 

Entrance to Freetown Christiania 
Exit from Freetown Christiania

Lights show @ Tivoli, an amusement park in Copenhagen.

Lots of Halloween festivities going on here so we felt right at home.

Anna with her husband, Edvald

The End.

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